Two Programs One Goal - Academic Achievement

What is GOTAGS?

The Program

GOTAGS is a program that provides teachers with research-based and teacher-tested strategies for beginning the school year in ways that engage students, minimize problem behavior, and build community for the rest of the year. Will Rogers once said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and GOTAGS guides teachers in making the most of that first chance.

This rubber-meets-the-road text for teachers includes the following topics:

  • Setting the Physical Environment of the Classroom
  • Introducing Yourself to Students
  • Developing and Teaching Rules and Procedures
  • Enhancing Student Academic Accountability
  • Ensuring Physical and Emotional Safety
  • Building Positive Classroom Community
  • Developing Home-School Communication

GOTAGS is designed for easy access by reading through the manual and completing the twenty-plus activities and reflections along the way, culminating with development of a personalized plan for the first days of school purchase book.

The Benefits

The book is full of strategies and contains pages that can be copied directly from the manual for teacher and student use. Also, purchase of the manual includes access to downloadable templates teachers can use year after year. Teachers completing the program and applying GOTAGS in the first days of school report many benefits in the following weeks and months:

  • Increased confidence in starting the year
  • Increased student academic engagement
  • Increased student cooperation
  • Increased success of class rules
  • Increased efficiency of class procedures
  • Increased time spent in academics
  • Increased control of the classroom
  • Increased feelings of personal satisfaction in teaching
  • Decreased students off task
  • Decreased student office referrals

A screen cast is available to accompany the text (Watch the introductory video.) and guide teachers through the program in a workshop-like experience as they develop specific plans for beginning the school year. The screen cast may be used by an individual teacher working through a GOTAGS manual or in a staff development setting of multiple teachers working through their GOTAGS manuals.