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For a review of a GOTAGS system-wide implementation GS, check out the article "Starting at the Beginning: An Intuitive Choice for Classroom Management" Garwood, Harris & Tomick) in the winter of 2017 issue of Teacher Education and Practice. The authors offer an overview of best practices and common concerns regarding classroom management and a thorough review of the elements of GOTAGS as well as results of the study.

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Two Pilot Program for GOTAGS

Over the summer, approximately 30 veteran teachers from the St. James School in Birmingham, AL, and approximately 50 teachers new to the 21 schools of Joliet Public Schools District 86 in Joliet, IL, will pilot the new GOTAGS screencast. This new version of the staff development allows teachers to work through GOTAGS materials at their own pace over the summer and return with plans ready for the first days of school. An outside agency will collect data to determine how the effectiveness of 'do-it-yourself-on-you-own-schedule' screencast compares to that of the 'teachers-together-in-a- workshop" version.

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Ready to Teach is a weekly podcast for teachers, by teachers. We’ll showcase teachers’ stories - mistakes and all - the best practices that come from those mistakes, and the research behind it all. We’ll cut through the buzz-words and the trends to discuss what works in the classroom, what doesn’t, and why. As teachers, we know the best people to learn from are other teachers. We also know how difficult it is to build community outside of our own classrooms. Come hear stories and strategies from first, fifth, fifteenth, and fiftieth year teachers; elementary and secondary teachers; and teachers from all subject areas. Stay energized in the grind with fresh perspectives and get practical strategies that you could implement the same day you listen.

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