Two Programs, One Goal:
Academic Achievement


The GOTAGS book is designed for easy access and application of ideas as a teacher reads through the manual and completes the twenty-plus activities and reflections along the way. The text culminates with the development of a personalized plan for the teacher’s own classroom for those first days of school. The book includes access to downloadable planning templates a teacher can use year after year.

Below are the main topics that the book addresses, which have been designed to help any teacher start the school year off with the best classroom management plan possible.

Setting the Stage for Learning

  • Surviving the First Days of School
  • Preparing Your Classroom
    • Planning, Analyzing, and Modifying Your Room Arrangement
    • Focusing on “visibility, accessibility, distractibility, and flexibility”

Addressing the Four Main Student Anxieties

  • Addressing Student Anxiety about the Teacher
    • Getting to Know Your Students While They’re Getting to Know Their Teacher
  • Addressing Student Anxiety about "Doing School"
    • Rules, Procedures, and Goals – Distinguishing, Developing, and Defining Each
    • Teaching and Reinforcing Classroom Rules, Procedures, and Goals
  • Addressing Student Anxiety about Grades
    • Building Expectations of Success with Initial Academics
    • Encouraging Student Accountability for Academic Work
    • Clarifying Students’ Understanding of Assignments
    • Making Visible Your Grading Expectations
  • Addressing Student Anxiety about Physical and Emotional Safety
    • Creating a Positive Classroom Community
    • Helping Students Learn About One Another

One more important thing

  • School-Home Communication
    • Communicating with Parents
    • Using a "Help Me Know Your Child" Form
    • Laying the Groundwork for Appropriate Parental Involvement
    • Making an Initial Proactive Telephone Contact
Teachers work through 20+ varied activities as they go through the text, culminating with a completed "ready to teach" plan for the first days of the new school year. With over 100 pages of valuable information; vital activities; personal advice; data-driven research, and downloadable templates, graphic organizers, and forms teachers can use year after year, GOTAGS is more than a teacher’s survival guide. Purchase book with templates