Two Programs, One Goal:
Academic Achievement

Frequently Asked Questions

Will GOTAGS prevent all my problems?

No. Teachers who use GOTAGS report that it significantly prevents problems, but there are still one or a few students for whom they need additional resources.

Do I have to read/do the whole thing – or can I just pick out parts I like or think I need?

Yes – and not if you want optimal success. All six areas in the text work together to create a good start. A good cake requires all of the ingredients (e.g., flour, sugar, eggs, milk, and butter) – if you leave out something, you will not experience the best results. The same is true with GOTAGS.

What if it is past the beginning the year and I got off to a bad start – is it too late?

No. You can always start over, and it works best after a major break – at least after a weekend. Teachers who start over midyear report improvement for that year and much improvement for the following year. So many teachers have asked this question that GOTAGS is preparing a second book to address this concern, Creating a New Beginning that will soon be available.

Can I earn professional development credit for GOTAGS?

Yes. University of the Pacific offers three graduate hours of professional development credit for (1) completing a GOTAGS training (which you can do with the text and online screencast resources), (2) implementing strategies of your choosing in the first week of school, and (3) documenting and reflecting on the implementation in a written format. View assignment choices for University of the Pacific. Check with your school system to make sure they accept UOP professional development credit.