Two Programs, One Goal:
Academic Achievement

Maintaining Momentum: Building on a Good Start

Why This Second Book?

Teachers asked for it. In the several years after the GOTAGS program began, teachers told us they loved using the ideas – they worked! But after the first three days, as the school year went on, they needed something more.

What Is the Content?

Specifically, teachers asked for resources in four areas:

  • Choosing and using appropriate consequences to encourage appropriate student behavior,
  • Grouping students and managing small groups to encourage appropriate student interactions and successful academic work,
  • Improving student academic assessment, especially self-assessment, and
  • Enhancing student motivation to engage in learning, stay engaged, and enjoy that engagement.

Two hundred-plus pages address these topics and reference over 170 peer-reviewed journal articles, educational texts, and digital references. They also reflect the authors’ conversations with over a thousand teachers cross the country about what has worked for them in their classrooms. An abbreviated Table of Contents gives an overview of the content.

What Is the Process?

In this text you will work through a variety of activities and read ideas from many sources relating to these four topics. Like GOTAGS, these ideas are research based and teacher tested. What ideas you select and how you choose to apply them in your own classroom are your professional decisions. We welcome your feedback on the results.

But what if I’ve never read GOTAGS?

If you have not yet explored the ideas and activities in GOTAGS for starting the school year, you will still find this book useful. But we do encourage you to begin with GOTAGS for a one-two punch on proactive classroom management. There is even a screencast available to lead you step-by-step through the GOTAGS text and activities.