Two Programs, One Goal:
Academic Achievement

What Teachers Say about GOTAGS

I absolutely believe GOTAGS is something every new teacher should have! You really do not realize until you're in the classroom how well the strategies described in GOTAGS help. If you really buy in and begin using the strategies from your first year, you'll save yourself so much stress and really be able to enjoy teaching more. Elissa McIntyre, math teacher, Overton High School

Last year my principal kept asking if I were sure that this was my first year to teach, and I kept assuring him it was. He said he'd never seen a first year teacher teach like she had been teaching for several years. GOTAGS prepared me to teach beginning day one. Jessica Chapman, music teacher, Liberty Elementary School

My success in the classroom and, more importantly, the success of my students can be traced back to the ideas and instruction presented in GOTAGS. Addison Pate, U.S. Government and history teacher, Martin Luther King, Jr. Magnet School

I work primarily in administration now…and I wish every individual going into some form of education or working with children would have the opportunity to be taught this material! I find myself educating the teachers I hire with this material because applicable strategies for classroom management is the one consistent hole I find in their education. Lindsay McCarthy, Director of Early Learning, Renaissance Kids Early Learning Centre

The material in GOTAGS aligns almost exactly with the expectations of best practice I encountered from school districts and principals. Being already familiar with these practices gave me a leg up in securing a position and avoiding many of the myriad classroom management hurdles that novice teachers face. Michael Ebling, English language arts teacher, White Station Middle School

In the five years I have taught, classroom management is essential before any teaching or learning can take place. GOTAGS provides that important foundation on classroom management for teachers until they develop their own routines and procedures in their respective classrooms. Rachael Rosen, Spanish teacher, ITW David Speer Academy

GOTAGS was the single most useful tool I received before I started teaching. It answered many of the start-up questions new teachers ask, but few programs actually address. Katie Castro, English language arts, East Nashville Magnet School

"I am not a traditional classroom teacher, I work as a University strength and conditioning coach, so I teach collegiate student-athletes every day. The principles I learned from GOTAGS have helped me tremendously in my profession. Regardless of the educational setting, every teacher and every student needs to get off to a good start to set the stage for success throughout the course!" Adam Smotherman, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Clemson University

I could not have survived my first few years teaching without GOTAGS. I continue to use it on a daily basis. Lindsey Bollinger Doster, English language arts, Smyrna High School

GOTAGS is all useful because each person takes something out of it and uses it as his/her own. Seating charts, "expectations," and all of their explanations provide structure to the first day in a classroom, and these, undoubtedly, shape a whole school year. Structure and procedure is the most important thing you can teach a teacher in the way of classroom management, for it sets the stage for student learning. Max Gertz, English language arts, Riverwood International Charter School

I am in my third year of teaching and GOTAGS is a resource that I continue to use. I could not have made it through my first two years – let alone my very first year – without it. It is simply an invaluable resource for teachers. Lacy Galbraith, English language arts teacher, Overton High School

The strategies in GOTAGS enable beginning teachers to understand the impact of the first days of school on the entire year. The organizational techniques equip teachers to start how they wish to continue as well as engage students in their own learning from Day One. Lauren Rupley, former teacher, Ensworth Elementary and Middle School

As a first year teacher, GOTAGS allowed me to think critically about the classroom management and organizational plans that I wanted to have in my classroom. Without this invaluable resource, my year would not have begun (or continued to run) as smoothly as it did. I truly have GOTAGS to thank for a successful start to my year! Melissa Peck, math teacher, Glencliff High School

I am coaching football at a university and spend a lot of time with my players in a classroom setting. I have found that the principles I learned through the GOTAGS curriculum have been extremely helpful in establishing procedures and rules for my players when we are in the classroom. As each new year comes, I still pull out the GOTAGS binder as I assess the classroom environment I have created and consider changes to it. Mark Moehring, Defensive Back Coach, Furman University

Of all of the resources I had at my disposal, this no-nonsense guide to the nitty-gritty elements of the classroom was the most influential in allowing me to proactively create and maintain my classroom community. Through the content provided in GOTAGS, I was able to anticipate many of the management and logistical challenges I would have in my classroom, addressing them BEFORE they became an issue. Alec Woodhull, Middle School English Teacher, East Nashville Magnet School