Two Programs One Goal - Academic Achievement

Morphemes Materials

All the materials in both It’s NOT Greek to Me! and Latin and Loving It! are “ready to teach” once you receive them in hand – meaning that both courses of study (12 Greek morpheme lessons and 18 Latin morpheme lessons) can be implemented in your classroom’s word roots curriculum immediately, or perhaps even across your entire Language Arts Department.

Instructor Set

  • Suggested lesson plan for the Greek and Latin morphemes lessons
  • Complete set of PowerPoint slides for each lesson, which guide your students step-by-step through the learning of each morpheme
  • A notes page for each lesson with all the morphemes, meanings, and words to work
  • Answer keys for the Words to Work assignment, Created Words activity, and Funny Definitions activity of each lesson
  • A complete set of tests – one per lesson, plus five multi-lesson reviews – and answer keys for each
  • A set of study cards of all morphemes, ready to be cut apart and used by you to help you learn the morphemes along with your students
  • A printable graphic and idea to create an ongoing display/bulletin board

Student Book

  • An introduction to how morphemes work in the English language
  • Words to work
  • Note-taking pages
  • Various assignments and exercises involving word analysis, word synthesis, context clues composition activities, and review activities
  • Multi-colored, pre-lined study cards templates for a student to create a set of review study cards for each lesson

Morpheme Benefits

By teaching root words, prefixes, and suffixes as morphemes – that is to say, smaller parts of a larger whole – students are able and encouraged to apply their prior knowledge toward cracking open whole new worlds of words that they’d previously found inaccessible. And these two morpheme programs do it best – by incorporating multiple facets of proven, effective instruction that teach prefixes and suffixes in a fun way.

Although initially designed for grades seven (Greek) and eight (Latin), these materials have been used successfully by teachers from grades five through eleven. For optimal SAT/ACT benefits, teachers may chose to complete the programs before the senior year. Each program is a stand-alone program. A teacher can choose to do either the Greek - Latin or both