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GOTAGS - Teacher Workshop

GOTAGS is a full program for teacher development and classroom management. In addition to books and the video series we offer training in single, full-day sessions of six (6) contact hours (excluding breaks and lunch, preferably one to three weeks before the beginning of school, with an optimal number of 9 to 30 participants working in flexible small groups. Participants may be teachers of elementary grades, secondary grades, or a combination of the two levels.

Each participating teacher is required to have a copy of Getting Off to a Good Start: The First Three Days of School (GOTAGS), and with that book each receives access to a set of templates on the website for all of the various activities, which are directly applicable to his or her own classrooms.

GOTAGS Teacher Workshops are conducted by Certified GOTAGS Workshop Leaders. These include the authors and 70-plus staff developers, primarily in Tennessee and California. Each of these is an independent agent and consulting fees are negotiated with the GOTAGS trainer contracted to facilitate the workshop session.

To schedule a GOTAGS Teacher Workshop, please contact Dr. Harris at or at 615-838-2077.