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GOTAGS - Certified Trainer Workshop

GOTAGS for trainers requires three (3) days with a total of 16 contact hours (excluding breaks and lunch), with an optimal number of up to 16 participants working in flexible small groups. Participants may or may not have previous staff development experience; training includes both materials specific to the GOTAGS program and materials helpful in facilitating not only GOTAGS but also other staff development sessions.

Each participating staff developer is required to have (1) a copy of A GOTAGS Workshop Leader's Manual with accompanying USB flash drive of PowerPoint files to facilitate a workshop and (2) a copy of the Getting Off to a Good Start: The First Three Days of School (GOTAGS). (Note: Purchase A GOTAGS Workshop Leader's Manual with USB flash drive [$129.95] is available only with participation in a GOTAGS Certified Trainer session.)

GOTAGS Certified Trainer sessions are currently conducted by the authors. Sessions are held on site by a requesting school system or regional educational service center. For agencies wishing to certify only one or a few people. The authors offer a Train-the-Trainer session each summer in Nashville if the total number of requests equals six or more.

To schedule a GOTAGS Certified Trainer session and order workshop leader materials, please contact Dr. Harris at or at 615-838-2077.