Episode 5: Classroom Management with Dr. Alene Harris, Part 1

Doc makes her first appearance on the podcast! We talk classroom management and how managing a classroom well creates free and safe classroom environments for our students. We also address misconceptions that teachers have about classroom management, and Doc tells some funny – and humbling – stories about how she learned how to manage her middle schoolers.

Takeaways from this week’s episode: 1) Our greatest – and silliest – mistakes in the classroom can become our greatest strengths. 2)Teachers are each others’ best professional development resources. Seek other teachers who know what they’re talking about and learn from them! 3) Classroom Management is safety and freedom for students. And we have to start it on the first day. 4) When we spend time establishing your classroom up front, we get more time and more academic achievement at the end of the year. 5) Start the year firmly, but avoid aiming to intimidate or be mean. These simply don’t work when the ultimate goal is collaboration between us and our students. 6)Students will live up to or down to our expectations. Avoid setting expectations based on what other teachers have said.