Maintaining Momentum:

Building on a Good Start

Written at the request of teachers and administrators seeking additional support after the school year has begun, the second text in the Ready To Teach series, Maintaining Momentum, serves as the compliment to the GOTAGS course. This resource is currently available in book format.

Two hundred-plus pages of this resourceful text address the topics listed below and reference over 170 peer-reviewed journal articles, educational texts, and digital references. They also reflect the authors’ conversations with over 1,000 teachers across the country about the application of successful tactics in their classrooms:

  • Choosing and using appropriate consequences to encourage appropriate student behavior
  • Grouping students and managing small groups to encourage appropriate student interactions and successful academic work
  • Improving student academic assessment, especially self-assessment
  • Enhancing student motivation to engage in learning, stay engaged, and enjoy that engagement.

What is the process?

This text offers a variety of ideas and activities from many sources relating to the four, focused topics. Like GOTAGS, these ideas are research-based and teacher-tested. This text lays the foundation for informed application in professional decisions inside of the classroom and out.

If you haven’t read GOTAGS, that’s okay!

If you have not yet explored the ideas and activities in GOTAGS for starting the school year, you will still find this book useful. While we encourage you to begin with GOTAGS for a one-two punch on proactive classroom management, this resource course can be used on an individual basis as well.