Episode 7: Educators’ Mental Health with Jenny Brower

Teachers across the country are vacationing, relaxing, adventuring, and doing whatever we need to do to rest and (eventually) re-energize ourselves for next year. In keeping with the season, our guest this week is Jenny Brower, a licensed counselor in Houston, Texas who works with educators. Jenny shares insights into what makes educators unique, why we’re so hard on ourselves, and what we can do about it (Spoiler: There’s no easy fix).

Takeaways from this week’s episode: 1) Teaching is often the first place where a lot of teachers experience real failure. We spent so long as good students that we don’t understand why we’re not instantly good teachers. 2) Give yourself permission to fail, permission to learn, and permission to do what you need to do to take care of yourself. 3) When you’re considering staying at work for those extra hours or days, ask yourself, “Would I let my friend do this, or would I help them take a break?” 4) Be curious about the things that make you uncomfortable or that get to you and explore the “why” behind them. 5) Be kind to yourself.