Episode 14: Arranging the Classroom with Jane Tomick

Kindergarten and 1st grade teacher Jane Wold joins me from Austin, Texas to talk about arranging her room for her students. We cover furniture, ambience, and more as the first kindergarten and elementary school teacher on the podcast shares her approach to making her classroom a safe, comfortable, and fun place to learn.

Takeaways from this week’s episode: 1) The number one priority in arranging the classroom is safety. 2) Visibility is a significant part of safety: Make sure there are no places for students to hide out of your sight. 3) Avoid overstimulation and work to find balance between aesthetically pleasing and functional. 4) However possible, giving students choices for how and where they sit and work can help them stay comfortable. 5) Don’t be afraid to explore different kinds of furniture and arrangements in your classroom: You can always change it! 6) Starting off with a clear, more structured room arrangement for the first month or two is a good way to set expectations as students get comfortable with their classmates and their teacher. 7) It’s okay to put things in a box and not look at them for a while.