Greek and Latin Morphemes Program Premise

Teen learners possess much more vocabulary knowledge than they realize, but need instruction to develop skills in recognizing what they know and in when/how to access and use their knowledge.

Morphemes Program Effects

The two classical-roots based curricula, It’s NOT Greek to Me! and Latin and Loving It!,

  • activate a student’s inert knowledge
  • challenge the intellect
  • engage multiple learning modalities
  • relate to multiple subject areas
  • develop higher-order thinking skill
  • relate to over 90% of science, math, and engineering vocabulary
  • provide lasting keys to unlocking the meanings of thousands of words, thus increasing high-stakes vocabulary scores

Morphemes Program Ease of Delivery

Both curricula are out-of-the-box ready to teach – everything needed is either in the Student Book or the Instructor’s Manual.

  • For independent study in either homeschooling or classroom, the accompanying PowerPoint program can guide a student step by step through the entire exploratory learning process.
  • For homeschooling cooperative classes and for traditional classrooms, the teacher can provide as much or as little teacher-led guidance as desired. Also, the teacher may post parts of the program on a class website for the “flipping the classroom” teaching strategy that allows increased time for classroom active learning (see