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Two Programs One Goal - Academic Achievement

Getting Off to a Good Start

Learn about the Getting Off to a Good Start program. If you are a K-12 teacher seeking to create a more smoothly running classroom or a school administrator or district staff developer seeking to help teachers (especially beginning teachers) create such classrooms, Getting Off to a Good Start: The First Three Days of School will help you reach your goals. GOTAGS guides teachers in beginning a school year allowing them to set the stage for year-long student academic achievement as well ad minimixing discipline problems from day one. The program offers a structured classroom management plan

Greek and Latin Morphemes

If you are a secondary language arts teacher or a homeschooling parent of a secondary student, the two sets of morphemes (roots, prefixes, suffixes) materials, It's Not Greek to Me! and Latin and Loving It!, build students' English vocabulary, higher-order thinking skills, and confidence, in addition to preparing students for success in SAT and other high-stakes verbal testing. The Greek course contains 12 lessons while Latin features 18. Both contain work space, review exercises, and materials for study cards.

Getting Off to a Good Start
GOTAGS is a great resource for teachers.
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Two Programs - One Goal:
Academic Achievement

Morpheme Resources for Teachers.
Morphemes Language Development Program.
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